Green Marker

These grass-shaped page markers are my current obsession! Plant them in your books and reference materials and watch the lawn grow across your bookshelf as you mark the cultivation of your knowledge and curiosity. Appealing to the nature-loving bookworm, these award-winning designer page markers have drawn praise from bloggers around the globe. Created by Yuruliku and a receiver of a Good Design Award in 2010, the GreenMarker® is a set of 75 grass blade post-its in 3 different shapes and sizes, that can also double up as bookmarks to tell you in a horticultural fashion which page you are up to in your latest read. A zen lawn of wisdom in your library! The packaging is adorable, using a flip over match book design to protect the leaves with the motto “Little humour, Many happiness” on the cover. There are even instructions on how to trim your lawn if your knowledge sprouts too quickly. I just had to own these! You can get them through my start-up website but hurry, as ive only brought a small batch over!

Buy It Now: £6.99


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