Handmade Journal Bandolier

Tried of Ebay my new “wow look what i’ve found” hunting ground is Etsy. It’s truely a mind-blowing site for creativity! Take a look at this simple idea from Cleverhands.

The “Journal Bandolier” is an elasticated strap with loops for carrying pens, pencils around your journal or book. Its a simple idea to stop you losing your pens and looks super stylish. The handmade strap comes in loads of lovely designs, fits a standard 5.25″ wide Moleskine but other widths can be custom-made. Thinking of ordering a few and making them available in blighty….any requests?

The Vital Stats:
– The strap of this bandolier is 2 inches wide
– It measures 5.75 inches long when laid flat
– Each slot is approximately 1 inch wide
– There are a total of 7 loops

What will it fit?
– The journal it is tailored to is the 5.25″ wide Moleskine (11.5″ around)
– It will stretch to fit larger books with circumferences up to around 13.5″
– The slots will fit tools up to the size of a standard sharpie


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