Kreative Blogger Award

A big thank you to for the superb and talent re:design team  (re:remable)nominating me for the Kreativ Blogger Award! The acceptance speech  requires me tell you seven interesting facts about me!  Gosh, modest and unaccustomed to blogging about anything other than stationery, I found this quite tricky. Here goes!

1. The poet laureate Ted Hughes once recited an unpublished poem to me. He told me I had a fantastic aura and made it up on the spot. I didn’t know who he was and assumed he was a dirty old man.. he was.

2. I am fluent in British Sign Language which means that even if you are hearing impaired you will have no trouble reading my blog.

3. I met my partner on a fire eating course. I thought he was a moron. We have been together for nearly two years. I still think he’s a moron but I love him.

4. I have a passion for old time music hall. That’s why my entire blog is written in mockney.. I know, you’ve not noticed, how good am I?

5. I have had over 100 weddings.. but have yet to be the bride (see point three).

6. I was runner up in a raw onion eating competition. Some people do this for fun y’know. 

7. The love of my life is my cat, Trouble. He was going to be called Valentine but then he bit me. He’s bad tempered, moody and always hogs the duvet.. just like my partner (see point 3).

That was fun! Maybe I should write about my quirky life more often! Hopefully my nominees below enjoy it as much as i do and i look forward to hearing all about their inner foibles too!

John Child Life Coach

Darkstar Designs

Modern Maggie

Shit I Heart


Type Sketchbook

Rant and Roll



One thought on “Kreative Blogger Award

  1. I loved point three; my wife thinks I am an absolute troglodyte, but she loves me and thus puts up with me. But she makes sure to pat me on the head and smile when I do anything she deems stupid. Which is often…

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