Stationery no longer stationary!

I’ve been quiet as the fruits of my stationery searching starts to ripen and boxes of paper pleasure starts to arrive at my door from around the world. It never ceases to amaze me the amount of global co-operation the is out there and I couldn’t even imagine how many friends I’ve made along the way.

As the launch of takes another step nearer to completion, I can only hope and cross my fingers that there are enough stationery geeks like me to appreciate my notable lovelies, otherwise I will have enough monthly schedules to last a lifetime! At least I will be organised if I reach 101 years, although im not sure I would tempt fate with a three-year planner.

I had a really interesting chat last month with the IT crowd at the TED conference, who proudly boasted about paperless working. It turns out that they were all secret stationery sniffers too and that it was born out of a concern that their virtual lives ‘ leave a fitting legacy. “What sentimental memories will a playlist on a flash drive give to my loved ones when im gone, compared to inheriting someones vinyl collection”. As technology moves on apace, it is interesting to consider what format is best  to record certain thoughts.

It is interesting that my renewed passion for stationery and writing stemmed from my work at the Register Office. Having to relearn to write with my fountain pen and carefully record, by hand, the hatch, match and dispatches of life, made me appreciate the of the importance of a permanent, undelteable record of events. It also made me wonder if a life could, or should be summed up in this way. What about the who, what, where and how of the bits in between? That’s our responsibility my friends, which ever format you choose.

Make it permanent and future proof. I’ve got a lifetime of design led inspirational diaries at my disposal if you don’t , so Pagemarker might not be such a crazy idea after all!

Paperways & Seeso graphics stationery has arrived! More detail to come….

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