Inspire & Goals Notebooks

I was blown away by these Mi Goals notebooks and have been eagerly awaiting their arrival from Australia. They did not dissapoint!  The design is understated with monochrome cool typography, stylish debossed cover and arresting use of negative space throughout. What began as a diary for setting and achieving your goals rapidly gained popularity for its savvy design and functional layout and has become a suite of stationery designed to make you think about how to achieve your own success.

 A  really creative range of journals  for setting and achieving goals, big or small, boring or crazy. They will allow you to focus  on your inspiration, to be aware of your goals and devoted to their accomplishment. Achievement is not a chore, it’s easy, fun and rewarding.

I will make them available in the UK soon – website launch soon!

 The Inspire Book is for People, Places & Me – a record of all the things from which you draw inspiration.

The Goals Book gives you a format to Dream, Write & Achieve. It has 128 pages for setting and achieving goals.

The Notes Book is for Daily Scribbles, Ideas & Inspiration. Unique for its layout – each left hand page is blank, each right hand page is ruled, allowing for freedom of expression and planning.


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