The Voyage – Travel Notes

For those of us who covert well designed stationery but wrestle with this obsession with our environmental concerns, I have discovered this on trend design house that addresses and informs us on the environmental impact of their product.

“GongJang seeks for the minimum design with no unnecessities” and is also an environmental brand name that considers environment across all progress in making a product. Each product has an eco list which helps us self-diagnose how friendly our products are to the environment.

The stationery comes in a mixture of earthy muddy hues, natural textures, quality recycled paper and soy based ink but has a cool designed feel to the interiors, almost retro.

I will continue to post more from this design house, but after my hiking and biking break in the Alps recently, travel notebooks are on my radar and this one would have been perfect to carry with me and much more appropriate to the setting.

The Voyage – a passport sized travel notebook with elastic enclosure pages, has well laid out information and schedule pages and simple pocket files and notes that you can refill for each trip.


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