– The Home of Design-led Stationery

To my few faithful followers I must apologise for being away so long but I have the greatest excuse! I have THE BEST stationery cupboard thanks to my feverish buying of paper perfection from around the world and you will have to forgive me whilst, just for a moment, I allowed myself the pleasure of salivating over it. Its taken me months to prise this sumptuous stationery from my notorious notebook nabbing claws and to finally set it free to roam the desk tops of the UK. The website is slowly coming together and open for business at last but there is still a lot of design work to do and more products to upload.

I just wanted to thank the small stationery stashing community for giving me the courage and support to see this through and for giving me the confidence that there are others out there who admire a well designed notebook too.

I’ve got 50 of these vintage notebook sticky notes to give away to you guys – just drop me an email to say hi through with your address and let me know of any other products that you are passionate about but struggling to get your mitts on.


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