Lettersketch – Notebook works of art

The words and pictures just say it all…AMAZING! I know its not the done thing but I’ve shamelessly cut and paste the description of these uber cool handmade notebooks from Lettersketch. I just admire designers with such style and patience to make these works of art.

“Just a few angles tri-ing to be cool. Nothing to see here. Well, maybe thereare just a few things to point out.

If you’re looking for a hard hit blind impression on a cotton sketchbook cover, you’ve come to the right place. And while we’re talking about cotton, the hand stamped pouch every sketchbook comes with is 100%.

This book houses 24 pages of thick 70# vellum stock perfect for graphite, and that same stock is FSC certified (meaning it was manufactured under the highest standards in the most environmentally responsible process possible). And because every part of the sketchbook has been made or assembled by hand, we thought you’d like to participate too – with a carpenter’s pencil most commonly sharpened by hand.

The assembled sketchbook, along with the carpenter’s pencil it comes with, were all made very proudly in the USA.  Don’t forget, the blind impression lends itself to getting creative on the cover, too, so you can get crafty and stay classy. ”


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