Vintage Penguin Book Cover Inspired Diaries & Notebooks

SM Drawing 15

This collection of vintage book cover inspired notebooks and diary journals by Sunday Morning Sunshine should inspire you to turn your life into a bestseller.

The classic styling of these paperback sized“, soft covered drawing” notebooks and diary journals does not reveal the more modern plot inside.

Much more than a blank notebook, the drawing book has crisp plain facing pages, the alternate page is a soft blue hue, ruled with two white wide lines. An unusual layout with infinite uses, particularly if you sketch note take or are a diagram fiend.

The retro gilt edged journal contains printed yearly, monthly and week per page formatted schedule sheets, and a free note and grid pages section. As diaries go, this should be on the bestseller list!

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SM Drawing 16 SM Drawing 19 SM Drawing 20 SM Drawing 24 SM Journal

SM Journal 13 SM Journal 14 SM Journal 25



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