I’m Busy Desk Calendar

JS Desk Planner12

This time of year is ubiquitous with the need and desire to plan. As I look out on a bleak, crisp white scene before me I start to dream of things I must do this year, especially when the weather gets better. However, the true fact is i’m busier than ever and I have lots to do before I can sit back and relax, the detail of my days and weeks before that distant shore need planning now!

The bright and quirky I’m Busy desk planner from J story makes my scheduling a little perkier and makes a change from the corporate calendars that inform you of your passing days.

It is the calendar equivalent of a “Do Not Disturb” sign is sure to halt unwanted office intrusion. The spiral bound “I’m Busy” undated planner, with its strong hardback cover, will stand proudly on your desk announcing your productivity but as it’s also a handy size in a notebook format you can set up your office and schedule on the move. Contains monthly and weekly schedule sheets with a lined note section.

Buy Now  £6.99

Js Im Busy 2

Js Im Busy 4

JS Desk Planner8

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