Concrete and Metal Pencil

I like the style of 22 Design Studio‘s series of objects and personal accessories made of cement and metal. Whilst there are lots of environmental reasons not to use concrete, the material does bring an interesting texture to everyday items. I do wonder how the ridged long ball point pen and the fat pencil write, but as objects they are strangely alluring and I’d imaging quite appealing to handle. 
20120907_33101 conretepen4
The Taiwanese design studio focuses on the interface between shadow and light to produce other objects, such ad this stunning spiral clock  and a number of jewelry items which i’d imagine would be really tactile to wear.  The products have made their way to outlets all over the world, even to galleries in the UK so check their website for stockists if I’ve cemented the desire in your mind.
20120907_79173 20120907_96807 20110811_99660

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