Books, Reading Notes & Footnote Frustration


We all gain and expand our knowledge, learning and skills by reading and researching the ideas of the past and that of our peers. I’ve got one friend who takes his self improvement really seriously and makes copious amounts of notes in the margins of the books themselves and the pages are a myriad of underlining. Some of you, like me, will recoil at the mere mention of inking a book, nevermind folding the corners to mark a page! So how to absorb and reference in our own mind the inspiration we gain from being well read. I include my thoughts in my journal, and that may include ideas and quotes from whatever I’m absorbed reading in that place and time. That way it becomes part of the moment and your life’s chronology but it does make it troublesome to recall these notes as the years go by. Even as a student (History for those of you were wondering), starting with the best of intention of systematically noting down my research as I read each book and drawing theories from it, I’d invariably be hurriedly thumbing back though the books in the library at the last minute trying to reference evidence for my brilliant new theory. I’m not alone (well I think I’m not) in lacking this structure in my personal reading habits, although book club helps, so when I saw a reading notes journal which allowed you to conceptualise your reading pattern and draw your feelings and analysis from it, I had to try. Now I have to confess that the Unitas R (L)ead journal, as the name suggests, was designed to structure research in a business leadership and performance format but it has inspired me to think of my personal reading disciplined way and to analysis my feelings and ideas. Of course you can use this format as intended or for project research and study but isn’t it great to be inspired to change the way you think just by the stationery you use!

Unitas R (L)ead Project Journal is available in the UK only at Pagemarker  £19.99

UT Read coverUT Read cover1UT Read 1 UT Read 2 UT Read 3 UT Read 4 UT Read 5 UT Read b1 UT Read b2 UT Read b3

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