The Politics of Planner, Scheduler and Diary Semantics

JS Plan B 8

When you think of the words planner, scheduler or diary you seem to immediately relate them to your formative years of homework diaries, timetables and study schedules and I dare say you may still use them in the same way, all be it appointments and work deadlines instead.

It wasn’t until the filofax type revolution in the 80’s that people started to really see them as efficiency and productivity tools and devised their own complicated systems. Indeed there are hundreds on YouTube sharing the way they organise their diary or celebrating their latest moleskine hack. I have started to wonder whether this creativity and fervour is partly due to lack of choice and needs not being met.

I would like to start to separate the functions of the organiser, just to allow ideas to breath and maybe for you to think beyond the date keeper mentality most of us have towards this type of stationery. Maybe we will see that there is an art and beauty in it far beyond the calendar function on our phones. This may seem like an exercise in semantics but I hope that some of you follow my meaning.

When you think about a planner, visualise it as setting out what you hope and want to achieve. How you would like to achieve it and what steps you need or might take towards it. That’s it, don’t think beyond that.

Now when you think about scheduler, I want you to set those ‘plans’ and the steps towards them, some measure. For most of us its a unit of time, but it could be as vague as a point in our life.

So diary becomes much more in the here and how, about the day-to-day achievement of small steps, the minute scheduling of your life and combining it with the reality. This then starts the beginning of journaling, which is much more about assessment and reflection.

No longer should you see planner, scheduler and diary as one of the same. Now you need to think about what stationery is best to use for each task. Do you really need a set date diary every year, does this in itself restrict your scheduling and plans? Would a your plan suit a month, week or daily scheduler or are you thinking years? Do you need  stationery that combines all these elements but for one project? I will get back to you on this subject now that box has been opened!




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