Eco Stationery : Design, Design, Design

GJ A5 Plain line weekly 3

Despite recycling your rubbish, buying organic and using your jute ‘bag for life’ you might still consider design style over eco ethics when it comes to stationery supplies. Gone are the days when ‘going green’ meant a sudden penchant for ethnic prints and dung paper products as new stationery design houses incorporate minimalist design with environmentally kinder materials. The manufacture of recycled paper is the norm, paper quality has improved and now stationery product design is the point of difference. Some design houses like Gong Jang fuse muddy hues, natural textures with contemporary design, whilst others such as Ecobridge use Kraft minimalism in interesting ways and, like Paperways*, produce vibrant stationery.

Gong Jang

GJ A5 File - ALL GJ Cornell_A5 Blue 5GJ Esquisse Orange 4


Copy of EB My simple Life - DailyEB My simple Life - Weekly Copy of EB My simple Life - Daily 4


PW CompactPW Compact Yellow monthly 4 PW Compact Large Cross SQ 2 PW Compact Drawing

*20% recycled paper

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