Gridtopia : The Rise of the Grid Paper Notebook

PW patternism 2

Are you a write on grid fanatic? Yet to convert? Think about it for a minute. Whilst a blank page appears unlimitless, grid or graph paper offers an even greater degree of order, and yet, paradoxically, greater freedom.

Grid paper helps lineup your words in columns, tables, and blocks of text – all things that would not be possible without the use of a ruler or would just look messy on plain or lined pages. Having boxes that line up exactly works great for adding up columns of numbers and also can be adapted for use a checklist box for those who are real neat freaks too. The graph lines somehow add a depth of field to sketches as well being is ideal for precise drawings and graphs. Increasingly its becoming a great choice of pattern for those who like to write and doodle on the same paper.

Then there is the size and type of grid to consider…..cross square, dot grid, french grid, manhattan, manuscript etc. For those who cant decide what size grid they prefer, try the Zoom Zoom Zoom graphic art journal which contains bright white pages with red printed lines and darts through a total of ten different sized grid sections, from 2mm to 8cm cubes. £8.99

PW Graphic zoom 3

For cross grid and different graph styles try the newly introduced handy sized Patternism Kraft Notebooks or the Compact series by Paperways £3.49-£9.99

PW patternism cross grid PW patternism cross grid 2

PW Compact Large Cross SQ 2 PW Compact Large Cross SQ 5PW patternism manhattan PW patternism manhattan 2PW Compact Large French Grid 6

The funky coffee spiral bound Macchiato note taker by Indigo £6.99:

IM Coffee MA3 IM Coffee MA4

Cool blue dot grid or muddy grid recycled exercise books by Gong Jang :- £4.99/£3.49

GJ Water File 2 GJ Water Note 4 GJ Water Note graphicGJ Grid_A5 2 GJ Grid_A5 5 GJ Grid A5 7





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