How to write a better Travel Journal

GJ Voyage 3

You need to decide for whom and why you are writing this journal. Think about what you need to include such as  your itinerary; a map; details of the people you meet or travel with and if you a list freak like me, space for the best moments, meal or views.

You don’t have to adhere to a strict chronological order but maybe taking the time to index places after its completed may save you time if you are trying to look up a particular place or museum you visited later on. Its ok to leave gaps and fill in later, just make sure you jot a few keywords down to jog your memory when you have time to flesh it out.

Don’t feel that you have to record every detail, the essence of the day is all it will take evoke that memory but include sights (and smells even)  that captivated you or amusing happenings that made you chuckle.

If words aren’t enough, just sketch and doddle your day too. Scrapbooking images, text and items such as tickets and clippings may help you capture the day as much as writing down everything and it will be more visually appealing to look back upon.

Remember its mainly for you, so write about what interests you and make it fun, something that will be a good keepsake of your feelings and experiences rather than just the visual record you gain from your photographs.

Think about the type of notebook you are going to use. The journal will store treasured memories and you will probably want to look over it time and time again, so choose something that you would want on your bookshelf.

The practicalities are important as the journal’s going to take some knocks on your travels, so it needs to be robust but also light. Also think about where you will be doing the majority of writing on the move, you may want something that sits on your lap or an airline tray and may need to lay flat.You might also think about the extras you may need such as envelopes for tickets and the type of layout, blank pages for sketching if you like sketching for example.

Finally, use the beginning and end of the journal to express your hopes for the trip and your reflection on the experiences you have had. A true memoir rather than diary.

the Voyage Travel Journal : £3.99 – 5.99

GJ Voyage File 2 GJ Voyage File GJ Voyage File Black3 GJ Voyage File 3 GJ Voyage File map GJ Voyage schedule GJ Voyage Diary memo-cash


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