Life Notebooks : Vintage Style


L!FE’s Vermillion Notebooks are made in the famous shitamachi old city area of Tokyo, Japan. All Life Japanese notebooks are made by hand, whether glue-bound with as little as a brush and a pair of fingers, or spiral-bound with a rudimentary punch and pocket knife. contain paper of unparalleled quality. With a columned watermark on ever page, the smooth, glass like finished pages make these classy notebooks. Its the vintage style that drew me in however. Yet to see these in the UK and I’m sturggling to find their website to find if they have a distributor. So keep your eyes peeled for these lovelies and give me the heads up.

cache_400_400___90_life-A6-vermillion-grid-and-line-rule-notebooks-13 cache_400_400___90_life-A6-vermillion-grid-and-line-rule-notebooks-1

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