A Stationery Full Stop

waldo pancake

Everything came to a grinding stop the day my retail site came crashing down. There I was, happily writing about stationery, sourcing exciting independent design houses and negotiating with suppliers to bring my latest obsessions to you, my discerning paper perfectionists and then my stationery world became stationary.


Trying to reconcile the website failure took up all my spare time, while I was holding down my job and tending to my ill relative, everything seemed to go to pot. Although the problem with the retail site seems terminal at the moment, the nice comments from the blogging community gave me an epiphany and help me refocus.

I shouldn’t stop writing about my passions simply because I may not profit from them and I should follow my own advise about being disciplined in taking the time to write, as nothing but positivity will come from it. Here’s to a new life balance and a bit more perspective!

You can still find Pagemarker and some of the brands I’ve featured such as Paperways , Gongjang and Unitas on Amazon.co.uk.

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