Wistful Weekly Wall Planners Without Walls

thumb-2-WeeklyDeskPlanner05_2013-10-9_11-54-34thumb-2-WeeklyDeskPlanner04_2013-10-9_11-24-29 thumb-2-WeeklyDeskPlanner06_2013-10-9_11-55-29

These classy weekly and monthly wall planners from danish-swedish graphic design studio All the Way to Paris for furniture retailers Hay are so super stylish I’m thinking of redecorating my office around them! They have a subtle dot design on each page and as the week days run along the top without any clearly defined lines, they can be used all manner of ways from day lists/timelines to work flow charts across the page. Simple but a very versatile design!

Now Hay do have offices in the UK but I’m not sure if their accessories have made it on to these shores. For alternatives see PaperwaysSeeso Graphics and JStory

thumb-2-WeeklyDeskPlanner02_2013-10-9_11-25-10 thumb-2-WeeklyDeskPlanner01_2013-10-9_11-21-33 thumb-2-WeeklyDeskPlanner03_2013-10-9_11-55-9 thumb-2-MonthlyWallCalendar01_2013-10-9_14-30-20


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