Diaries, Planners and Schedulers for the New Year

SS Planner 1

At this time of year we start looking towards the next. While I use my mobile for scheduling appointments I still use a paper planner to structure and organise my work and personal life. It is traditional for many of us that we order, or gift to others, a new diary for the new year. At Pagemarker you can start your scheduling at anytime as all our planners and diaries are undated, which also means that if you give them to others they don’t have to use them straight away. A particularly good gift for project workers, students and academics who may not adhere to calendar dates or may have breaks in their schedules.

ID smartpocketdiary1

Indigomate Smart Pocket Diary Monthly, Weekly & Daily £12.99

365 24 7 A 2I

Picniq 365 24 7 Planner £7.99

JS Desk Planner6

J Story Day Desk Planner £4.99

JS Small planner plus 11

J Story Small Planner Plus £12.99

Daily times11

Seeso Graphics Range £4.99 – £15.99


desk top planner 4


Picniq Desktop Planner £7.99



Onezerozero Monthly, Weekly & Check List £4.49 – £4.99


citylight planner 12

Picniq Citylight Planner £7.99

JS Me Myself 1


J Story Me, Myself & I Diary £9.99

SM Journal 20

Sunday Morning Sunshine Retro Journal £12.99


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