Stock Up On Your Stationery For Christmas – 25% Off All Stock

I know I haven’t been blogging for a while but I’m still here ogling after stationery for you my fellow paper sniffers. As I’ve just released some of the exclusive Pagemarker products on to Amazon I thought I’d give my loyal customers an early pressie if you order from the site before Christmas.

Use promo code MARKER25 before Christmas day at the checkout folks for 25% all stock folks!

Just a few gift ideas :-

1. The 3 Year Planner  now on sale at £6.99 too! Everything you need to plan your goals in the years ahead

2. 1 Paragraph  £7.99 This undated journal has just a paragraph for each day. It’s a great way to start journaling!

3. Penguin Pencil Set £4.99 This stylish eco pencil pouch contains 5 recycled newspaper pencils inside.

4. Retro Diary/Drawing Journals  £12.99 Record best day of your life with this vintage book cover inspired journal.

5. Paperboat Plain Spiral Notebook £9.99 This elegant spiral bound notebook, with its gold leaf embossed card cover is an excellent gift for those with an aptitude for artistry


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